Our worms at Ecobiz

”Without the work of this humble creature, who knows nothing of the benefits he confers upon mankind, agriculture, as we know it, would be very difficult, if not wholly impossible” 

Charles Darwin, 1881.

Our Worms

When it comes to charm and beauty, earthworms may not score as highly as other garden creatures such as butterflies or birdlife, and while they might not be the most attractive species of wildlife around, this small, unassuming earth dweller is one of the most beneficial organisms that we share this planet with. There are over 4000 recorded species of earthworm in the world, and although they differ in appearance and size, (the largest currently found in South Africa around 6ft long!) and work in slightly different ways, they are ALL are beneficial to our soils.

History shows that the earthworm has been around for a long time. Charles Darwin, Cleopatra, and Aristotle are among the most notable to have studied and remarked on the value of this lowly and often misunderstood creature.

Ecobiz Worm Works

Our Ecobiz composting worms are some of the healthiest, hungriest, hardiest, worms available in Zambia! We currently stock two types of composting worm. Most popular is the Eisenia Fetida, better known as the Red Wriggler, Tiger, Brandling or Kariba Red.  Less well known but just as effective are the  Perionyx Excavatus commonly known as the Indian or Malaysian Blue.

Both are non invasive surface feeders (epigeic) and not the burrowing soil dwellers one would normally find in soil. In ideal conditions they consume up to half its body weight of decaying organic matter a day.  This makes them perfect for vermiculture or worm farming.

At Ecobiz Farms, our worms are fed a specially blended formula of organic matter to ensure that the castings they produce are constant and consistent in content and quality.

Earthworms in your Soil

Earthworms move through the earth, ingesting soil and organic matter, and fertilising the soils with their nutrient rich worm castings as they work their way through the earth. They create an intricate network of tunnels that bring air, nutrients and water, that feed and nourish plants and other organisms living in the soil. Worm Castings are rich in beneficial micro-organisms, as well as plant nutrition in an easily absorbed, slow release form.

Worms are essential to good soil. Without worm activity, soil is lifeless, and plants become more susceptible to disease and insect attack. Many gardeners and farmers are now becoming aware that there is a severe lack of worms in the soil. This is usually caused by years of abuse with chemical fertilizers, pesticides and over tillage.

Encouraging Worms in your Soil is Easy

Like all living organisms, the common earthworm need a suitable environment in order to thrive. Here are some suggestions to improve worm habitat and encourage them back in to in your fields and gardens.

Replenish soils regularly with good quality, mature compost. Do not throw away or burn crop residue and garden plant litter. Instead,  compost it or use as a mulch over the top of your soil. This will make the surface soil cool and moist and more desirable for worms as well as provide a ready food source for them.

Reduce excessive tillage (digging and turning of soil) in your garden, as it is an unnecessary and damaging practice that dries out and reduces levels of organic matter in your soils.

Reduce your use of pesticides and use fertilizer sparingly.

For more on how to worm your world with Ecobiz Farms visit Using Our Products

What our clients are saying

  • We have been using Ecobiz Farms products successfully  for over two years now with very favorable results. Keep it up Ruth!
    – Annemieke De Vos –
  • For 7 years there was an area in my garden that nothing would grow on. It wasn’t until I sprinkled Ecobiz Sifted Compost and Pure Worm Castings over the area that things began to grow. Green is definitely the way to go, and with Ecobiz, it proves cheaper in the long run.
    – Sibeso Ngenda –
  • I consider myself very lucky to have met Ruth Puffet, who very passionately told me all about her amazing products. She advised me how to use them and my garden is flourishing because of Ecobiz. I strongly recommend Ecobiz products to any gardener.
    – Jaye Patel –
  • I cannot believe what a difference these products have made to my garden. . My plants look so much healthier and the difference in the quality and quantity of the flowers is incredible – my rose bushes particularly have never flowered so prolifically!
    – Mrs A Griffin –
  • We have been stocking Ecobiz products in our nursery since the company first started and have always been very pleased with the quality of the composts on offer.  We have received nothing but favourable comments from our customers and  would not hesitate to recommend Ecobiz to anyone looking for a top quality product.
    – Rose Garden Nursery –
  • Hi Ruth, Ihave to compliment you on your Vermi compost. It really DOES WORK. I’ve just finished top dressing my lawn, and after only one application, I can absolutely see a difference……it’s fantastic stuff. WELL DONE!!
    – Wendy Mouritzen –